The Radiant Cut Diamond Shape

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​If you are planning a proposal, then you already know that the engagement ring you will present serves a significant role in the entire proposal. You want her to feel special and to ensure she knows that you truly love her, and want her to feel special. This is only of the many reasons why it is so important to make sure you pick the perfect diamond shape when you opt for a diamond engagement ring. There are different shapes out there, and each of these shapes has their own advantages to contribute. Opting for the wrong shape can have a dreadful impact on the quality and overall appearance of the diamond engagement ring that you will be presenting.

The Radiant Cut is a trendy option amongst people looking to buy an engagement ring without having to opt for the most obvious choices out there. While the round brilliant cut and the princess cut are the most famous diamond shapes that people opt for when they buy engagement rings and many other types of jewelry, there are also many people looking for something a little different. Your relationship is unique and so should your ring be. This is a particular reason why the radiant cut is popular, so let’s take a closer look at what you should know about this diamond shape.

An Overview Of The Radiant Cut Diamond Shape

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​The primary features of the Radiant cut diamond are often attributed to its unique level of brilliance, but its durability also plays an essential part in the reasons why so many people are starting to opt for this diamond shape when they buy engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces. The durability helps to preserve the quality of the diamond through time, ensuring you can still own a high-quality, good-looking ​diamond engagement ring​ even if you have been married for many years.

This diamond shape first became popular in the 1980s. It was first introduced to the world in 1977 and was designed by Henry Grossbard. The idea of the Radiant cut diamond shape was to combine the most perfect features that could be observed in the round brilliant cut and, at the same time, the Emerald cut. This brought about ​one of the finest diamond shapes​ that are currently known to exist.

These diamonds are beautiful, but you need to make sure you take some minimum buying criteria into your mind, or you could end up with a diamond that is not as exquisite as you hoped. The color of a Radiant cut diamond should be rated at least H for best quality. A higher color grade is not necessary but can be beneficial. It is important to consider the minimum clarity rating of a Radiant cut diamond to be at least SI1 or SI2. Higher grades will offer better fire and brilliance. It is quite difficult to provide an accurate overview of the cut quality regarding the Radiant cut. It is usually a good idea to opt for a Radiant cut with no cutlet, a very thin girdle, a depth between 61% and 67%, and a table between 61% and 69%.

​Our Thoughts: Radiant Cut Diamonds

​When you want to buy an engagement ring without opting for the obvious diamond shapes that most people choose, then the Radiant cut is definitely a shape you should look at. This shape offers several unique features that ensure it stands out from the rest, like a princess or brilliant round cut. Here, we have taken a closer look at the Radiant cut and provided an overview of the various aspects that should be considered when buying an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry fitted with a Radiant cut diamond.