Planning to Propose? This is Why the Emerald Cut May Be a Perfect Alternative to the Brilliant Round Cut

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​Engagement rings vary widely – in shape, features, color and, of course, in price. There is a countless number of factors that should be looked at when buying an engagement ring. First, however, it is important to take a look at your budget to know how much you can spend. When you know how much you can afford to pay for a diamond engagement ring, the next step would be to choose a diamond size and shape that will fit into your particular budget. Some shapes offer better features than others, while certain diamond cuts and shapes can help you save a considerable amount of money due to its specific features.

​Introducing The Emerald Cut

emerald cut diamond ring

The Emerald cut is one of the most unique diamond shapes available at the moment and only accounts for roughly 3% of all diamonds. The name of the cut is derived from the fact that the cut was originally used in Emeralds, a popular green gemstone that also features exquisite beauty and convenient features. The shape was later adapted to provide a fresh twist on older diamond cuts and shapes. Today, the Emerald cut is considered very popular for many reasons.

One of the primary advantages that the Emerald cut holds over the popular round brilliant is the fact that you can get a diamond that looks similar in size for a cheaper price as compared to a round cut diamond. This is because the surface area of the Emerald cut diamond shape is approximately 5% larger than the round cut diamond shape’s surface area. This means you can opt for a lower carat weight Emerald cut diamond, and it will look similar in size to a larger carat weight round cut diamond.

​Another factor that is quite convenient about the Emerald cut is the way it fits on to the finger. Most people find that wearing an engagement ring with an Emerald cut makes their fingers look slender. This is beneficial, even though just an illusion. Even though not the as sparkly as some other diamond shapes that you can opt for, the Emerald cut does feature broad flashes in the middle of its top view, while also delivering sparkles on all four edges of the stone.

​While many advantages do exist when it comes to buying an Emerald cut diamond, there are some concerns that need to be raised. Firstly, the cut grade of an Emerald cut diamond is not graded by the Gemological Institutes of America. This makes it more difficult to determine the overall quality of the diamond. A diamond grading certificate will, however, provide details on the table and depth of the diamond, which can be used to provide a better determination of its quality. Ideally, you should opt for a table of 61% to 69% and a depth of 60% to 67%.

It should also be noted that the Emerald cut diamond tend to show color and clarity more obviously than the round cut diamond. For this reason, you should try to prioritize these two features of the diamond when buying an Emerald cut diamond.


​Whether you are looking to buy an engagement ring on a tighter budget or looking for a beautiful diamond shape with the perfect features, the Emerald cut has many advantages to offer over some alternative options out there. Even though originally designed for the Emerald gemstone, hence the name, the Emerald cut has become popular amongst diamonds as well. In this post, we provided you with essential tips to help you buy the best Emerald cut within your budget.