Marquise Cut Diamond Buying Guide

Marquise Cut Diamond rings

​No matter what type of jewelry you are looking to buy, the shape of the diamond that will be fitted into the jewelry will play a part in how the jewelry looks. Matching the right diamond shape with the right type of jewelry setting leads to a more exquisite accessory, while a mismatch can lead to a piece of jewelry that does not look good, leading to a waste of your money. There are quite a large number of different diamond cuts available. The most popular option is usually considered to be the brilliant round cut, with the princess cut being second most popular.

In this post, we will look at the Marquise cut. While not as popular or common as the brilliant round or princess cuts, the Marquise cut has several benefits to contribute to an engagement ring and many other pieces of jewelry. This cut was designed after the “perfect mouth” of the Pompadour Marquise. King Louis XIV was the person to order a diamond cut to be modeled after the perfect mouth that his lover featured. Let’s consider why you should consider the Marquise cut diamond shape and how you can buy the ideal stone to ensure you get more value out of your money.

Why Choose The Marquise Cut

marquise cut ring

​Let’s start by considering why you should consider opting for a Marquise cut in the first place, especially when more popular options are available on the market. There are two particular reasons why many people end up buying a Marquise cut diamond, amongst others. These include the fact that the elongated, shin shape that the diamond cut features make the wearer’s fingers appear slenderer. Additionally, the Marquise cut tend to offer the largest surface area at the crown when compared to most other diamond shapes. In turn, this can ensure you get a diamond that appears larger than a diamond featuring a different shape in the same weight class.

​How To Buy The Perfect Marquise Cut Diamond

​Buying a Marquise cut diamond is simple, but some factors do need to be taken into account to ensure you do not end up buying a diamond​ with no significant sparkle or an overall good-looking appearance. The first step is to decide on a carat weight, which will indicate the approximate budget you should set aside for the diamond. The larger the diamond, the more you will have to pay, obviously.

In addition to considering the carat weight, you also need to look at other features of a Marquise cut diamond. Before buying, request the grading certificate of a particular diamond you may be interested in. The certificate will provide you with more details on the exact carat weight of the diamond, as well as the clarity rating and the color grade. While most laboratories will not provide a cut grade, the grading report for a diamond you are interested in will still contain important data on the cut quality of the diamond. Look at factors such as the depth percentage and the table percentage to help you find the right diamond. When it comes to the length-to-width ratio, it is usually recommended to opt for a Marquise diamond with a rating between 1.75 and 2.15. Other factors, such as the fact as to whether the diamond has fat or a narrow crown, is based on your personal preference.


​The Marquise cut offers an exquisite shape that allows you to buy an engagement ring or another jewelry piece that looks more unique as compared to opting for the more common diamond shapes out there. There are many advantages that the Marquise cut offers you, but also a lot of factors to be considered if you wish to buy a Marquise cut that will genuinely deliver exceptional beauty.