Why the Princess Cut May Be Perfect for an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

For many years and even today, the round brilliant cut diamond shape has been considered the most popular option when it comes to choosing a diamond to be fitted in an engagement ring.

In the late 1900s, specifically in the 1960s, the princess cut diamond was introduced to the world. It was first called the Barion shaped cut but was later renamed to the Princess cut. Today, the princess cut has become another trendy diamond shape in the industry.

Most brands that specialize in the manufacturing of diamond jewelry also report that the princess cut is usually the second best selling diamond shape, ranking just below the brilliant round cut.

The Princess Cut Diamond Shape

The Princess Cut Diamond Shape

The princess cut diamond is a relatively simple shape. It was designed based on the original French cut diamond shape, a relatively old cut that has become obsolete in the modern world. The table view of the princess cut diamond features a square shape in most cases, but can also resemble a rectangular shape. At the sides, the princess cut diamond features a shape of an inverted pyramid, with each side beveled for exceptional beauty. The table of the princess cut diamond is considered a step-modified version of the Crosscut and the Double-French cut. The pavilion is also designed with facets that feature chevron-shapes, which causes the stone to reflect a cross-like shape when viewed from above.

An interesting fact about the princess cut is that a small number of laboratories can officially grade these diamonds.

The laboratories that currently offers grading services for princess cut diamonds include:

  • American Gem Society
  • Accredited Gem Appraisers
  • European Gem Laboratories (USA)

Why Opt For The Princess Cut In An Engagement Ring

When a person is interested in buying an engagement ring, one of the first thoughts is to opt for the most popular – this would mean the brilliant round cut. There are many distinctive features offered by the brilliant round cut diamond that makes it such a popular choice. This, however, does not mean a person should automatically limit their selection to this shape only. The princess cut diamond poses as the perfect alternative to the popular brilliant round cut diamond.

Two of the most important reasons why people should take the princess cut diamond into consideration when they want to buy an engagement ring includes:

  • The princess cut diamond has a unique design, even though it is based upon some older diamond cuts that existed many years ago. This means that the diamond provides sparkle and brilliance that is different from the popular brilliant round cut. Different and uniqueness are usually what makes a woman feel special when she puts the ring on.
  • The price of a princess cut diamond can also be more affordable than that of a brilliant round cut. You will find that if you compare the price of a brilliant round cut diamond and a princess cut diamond of the same carat weight, the princess cut diamond is often the cheaper choice. This is because a larger area of the original diamond can be used during the initial cutting and shaping of the diamond.


The princess cut diamond is considered to be the second most popular shape that you can opt for when buying loose diamonds or diamond-fitted jewelry. This shape holds some advantages of the most popular option, being the brilliant round cut diamond. Exceptional beauty and a more affordable shape are two of the most popular reasons why people are starting to prefer the princess cut shape over most other shapes available in the diamond industry.