Where to Buy an Engagement Ring in 2018

The Bottom Line

We believe that you are much better off shopping online for an engagement ring than visiting your local jewellry store. The fundamental benefits of buying online will be explained in this article.

There are many online options, however. To make things as simple as possible, we have only included are favorites here. They are:

  • James Allen
  • Blue Nile
  • Brian Gavin Diamonds
  • Leibish & Co.
  • Zoara

We’ll start at the top of the list.

The Best Places to Buy Diamonds Online

James Allen

We think James Allen is hands down the best place to buy diamonds online. And we have thought so for years. There customer service is amazing and they offer everything that you need to buy a diamond. They were one of the first companies to offer high quality videos of every individual diamond.

All of this technology, and their fantastic prices, have made them one of the most highly rated companies in the industry. We always hear rave reviews from the customers that we send their way.

Even though some companies have also started offering videos of diamonds, James Allens’ videos are still the best around. This makes it so easy to pick the perfect diamond and to know exactly what you are getting.

James Allen has also been able to partner with some incredible designers, too, allowing them to offer gorgeous rings to their collection.

Blue Nile

This is only a slight second behind James Allen. Like JA, Blue Nile have been one of the industry leaders for years. In fact, they literally built the online market. They were even the first company to completely remove middle men from the transaction and list all of the diamonds from manufacturers.

As a result, they have the best relationships with diamond vendors of any company. Period. That’s why they are able to offer the largest selection of diamonds and settings.

Despite James Allen improving technology recently, they have made huge efforts to catch up and have almost closed the gap. Like James Allen, they have also introduced video technology.

They, too, have relationships with fantastic designers which has allowed them to also offer beautiful rings and settings.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

We have always found Brian Gavin’ Signature and Black lines to be very popular. If you are really focused on cut and brilliance, Brian Gavin could be the vendor for you.

They are the industry leader when it comes to diamond cutting. That’s why their Signature and Black lines are so popular.

The quality of their customer service matches that of their product. Naturally, there is a premium for such quality craftsmanship and service, however. We feel that it is 100% justified, however.


This is one of the latest entrants to the industry, but it is backed by some huge players. As such, the company has quickly climbed to the top of the market.

That being said, the site is still lagging behind James Allen and Blue Allen when it comes to selection and price. But that gap is closing. What’s great about Ritani is their Clicks and Bricks option which allows you to collect your diamond from a local affiliated store and inspect it before buying.


Leibish is the go-to company for colored diamonds. They are hands down the best when it comes to these types of diamonds. They have a huge array of color diamonds suitable to every budget.

As well as a great selection of colored diamonds, they also have fantastic settings and rings.


Zoara offers a slightly different business model to the other companies listed here. They don’t have contracts with vendors. Instead, they are owned by a major diamond manufacturer. This means that they can offer diamonds at cut-rate prices. Your search will be limited but the price more than makes up for it.