The Calf Cut Diamond Shape

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​Engagement rings with side stone settings are becoming very popular in today’s market. Side stones offer a way to provide a complement to a center stone and can often be much more affordable than most people think. There are quite a large variety of stones that can be used as side stones and one of the most beneficial factors is that there is no need to opt for side stones that feature flawless and perfect qualities since they are usually much smaller than the center stone. In this post, we will take a look at the calf cut, a side stone cut that can be paired up with different center stones.

​The Calf Cut Diamond

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​The calf cut is a unique shape, often said to resemble two calf heads. The calf cut is available in two varieties, including a brilliant cut and a step cut. Each offers a set of advantages and possible drawbacks that need to be looked at before making a final decision on the particular type of calf cut to opt for. These diamonds are most often not used as center stones in diamond-fitted jewelry types, but rather as smaller stones like side stones.

​In the majority of cases where a calf cut is used, you will see two or more of these stones fitted to the side of a center stone. They are quite popular in engagement rings but are also used in other types of jewelry. It should be noted, however, that the calf cut is not as popular of a side stone choice as some other shapes that you will find on the market. Still, this is a ​unique diamond cut​ that provides a perfect pair with specific center stone shapes, such as the princess cut, the radiant cut and, of course, the emerald cut.

Buying a ring that comes fitted with calf cut side stones is a relatively simple process, but you need to be aware of some factors associated with these cuts. In most cases, you will find that the calf cut diamonds will be much smaller than the center stone fitted in a ring. This means you will save a considerable amount of money on them due to a lower carat weight – the carat weight of a diamond is, after all, the factor that has the most significant impact on its final price.

​Calf cut diamonds, even when very small, are still graded based on their cut, color and clarity ratings. The cut rating of calf cut diamonds is not graded in the same way as some other shapes, such as the brilliant round cut, however. You will not find a specific cut grade on the diamond grading report, but rather a series of detailed specifications related to the overall cut quality of the diamond. This will include a table width percentage, a depth percentage, and some other factors. It is essential to take note of these features as they hold important data that will help you understand the overall quality and appearance of the calf cut diamonds fitted in an engagement ring you may be interested in.

​Final Thoughts Regarding The Calf Cut

​The calf cut is an attractive diamond shape that can be paired with different center stones. These stones are usually not used as a center stone themselves, but rather as side stones on a variety of ring designs. If you are looking to buy an engagement ring with side stones, then we recommend you consider the calf cut. We offered a complete overview of the different factors that should be considered about the calf cut in this post to help you make the right choice.