How to Buy the Perfect Asscher Cut Diamond

asscher cut diamond ring

There are quite a number of different diamond shapes that you can opt for when you wish to buy a diamond. Whether you prefer to buy the diamond loose or pre-fitted in a piece of jewelry, the shape of the diamond you opt for will have a tremendous impact on how the end product looks. The round brilliant cut diamond has been the preferred choice in the diamond jewelry industry for many years now. When a person is unsure which shape they should choose, then they often end up buying a round diamond. There are many alternative options out there, some of which offer much more exquisite features than the popular brilliant round cut.

One particular example of an alternative diamond shape that offers several benefits over the round brilliant cut would be the Asscher cut. Even though not as popular as the round brilliant cut, the Asscher cut offers many unique features that make it stand out for many buyers. This shape has also not been around for as long as the round brilliant cut, as it was only designed in the year 1902.

​The Asscher Cut Diamond

Buying An Asscher Cut Diamond

​The Asscher cut diamond is often associated with the emerald cut, due to the many similarities shared by these two options. While the emerald cut features a rectangular shape, however, the Asscher cut rather features a ​square shape​. The corners of the Asscher cut is rounded but is usually covered by the structure of the setting that the diamond will be fitted into. This diamond shape was developed by the Asscher Diamond Company, which was later renamed to the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. 

There are two main types of Asscher cut diamonds, including:

  • ​The Standard Asscher Cut
  • ​The Royal Asscher Cut

​Buying An Asscher Cut Diamond

​Purchasing an Asscher cut diamond is a relatively straightforward process, but some tips can help you get better value for your money during your purchase. With color, there is no need to opt for an exceptional grade, as a color rating of I provides the perfect balance between a colorless diamond and the overall pricing of the diamond. It is, however, important to note that color hues present in the diamond are easier to see in the Asscher cut as compared to the round brilliant cut and some other shapes. For this reason, you should avoid opting for a color grade that is below I.

The clarity rating of an Asscher cut diamond should be at least VS2. This will ensure the diamond looks great, but without causing you to overpay in order to obtain a completely flawless diamond. The factors concerning the cut quality of the Asscher cut diamond should also be considered. A depth percentage between 60% and 68%, combined with a table percentage between the same ranges, will give you a diamond with a better brilliance and fire. Try to opt for a polish and symmetry rating of Excellent or Very Good. A Good rated symmetry and polish can also work.

The Asscher cut diamond shape goes well with many different engagement ring settings, but many people find that opting for a halo setting gives them the best results.

​What You Should Know About The Asscher Cut

​The Asscher cut diamond is quite popular in the modern world, providing an exceptional level of sparkle and immersive beauty. This diamond cut goes well with a variety of jewelry settings, including engagement rings. When opting for an Asscher cut diamond, it is important to know what particular factors can be sacrificed for others, ensuring you get better overall value for the money you will be spending on the diamond.