Is the Straight Trillion Cut Worth Buying?

Trillion Cut Ring

Everyone knows that the traditional choice when it comes to diamond shapes is the brilliant round cut. If they are looking to go for a unique shape, they usually tend to opt for the oval cut. The princess cut offers a more sophisticated look that can also save them some money. There are, however, some shapes that are more unique out there – offering you the ability to present an engagement ring with more style. The straight trillion cut is one particular alternative diamond shape that has not yet made its way into the hearts of many, yet is still definitely worth looking at if you are after a diamond shape that is unique and stylish, yet offers a range of simple design options.

The straight trillion cut is a variety of the triangular brilliant cut diamond. The alternative option to the straight trillion cut is the curved trillion cut. Many people prefer the straight trillion cut for a number of reasons, but, at the same time, is wary of the various potential drawbacks associated with this diamond shape. There are also many benefits that the straight trillion cut can offer us. We have decided to take a look at what you should know about this diamond shape and to tell you if it is really worth your money.

​The Straight Trillion Cut Diamond

trillion cut diamond ring

​The straight trillion cut is a trillion cut and may also be referred to as a trilliant cut or a trialliant cut. This is a type of triangular brilliant diamond cut that features unique settings, making it a preferred option amongst people looking to present their loved ones with something other than the more traditional diamond shapes out there. The straight trillion cut was designed by the same company that initially designed the Asscher cut, the Asscher Brothers. In 1962, the trillion cut was trademarked by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company, a trusted supplier of unique diamonds in New York City.

Today, the straight trillion cut has not yet reached the same popularity as some of the other diamond shapes on the market but is still an option that you might want to take a look at if you desire a unique shape as compared to the brilliant round cut.

​One of the most critical factors that you need to consider when opting for a straight trillion cut is the fact that these diamonds are much shallower than a brilliant round cut and most ​other diamonds​ on the market. This, in turn, means it will not have the same level of brilliance as there is not an adequate amount of space inside the diamond to provide a similar level of light reflection. On the other hand, the fact that the straight trillion cut is a shallow design means it can give you a much larger looking diamond for the same price, as compared to a brilliant round cut, for example.

Another factor to consider is that the design options are relatively limited when opting for a straight trillion cut. This can be disappointing to some, but for those looking for a simpler engagement ring design, the straight trillion cut may be perfect.

Should You Purchase A Straight Trillion Cut?

Featuring a triangular shape, the straight trillion cut is a unique, less popular diamond shape that people tend to opt for due to its uniqueness. Even though a beautiful option, this diamond shape does not retain as much brilliance as some other options, yet can be a much more affordable option than a brilliant round cut. This guide is perfect for you if you have shown an interest in opting for the straight trillion cut in your hunt for the perfect engagement ring.