The Half Moon Cut: A Unique Way to Show Her You Love Her

half moon shape

​Buying an engagement ring can be quite a complicated and daunting process. Many people spend weeks to months trying to find that perfect engagement ring they can present to show her that they genuinely love her and know her. There is a significant variation in engagement ring designs on the market. While many prefer engagement rings with a single center stone for reasons such as buying on a lower budget, it is known that the addition of side stones can genuinely improve the overall appearance of an engagement ring considerably. Different types of diamonds are used for side stones, some smaller than others. The half moon cut has been explicitly designed as a side stone and offers a great addition to a number of different center stones. Let’s discuss the half moon cut and how it can give you a beautiful finishing touch to an engagement ring.

​The Half Moon Diamond Cut

Engagement Ring with Half Moon Side Stones

​Side stones have become quite popular. They are often used to complement a center stone and even to draw more attention to the center stone. There are a variety of diamond shapes that are used as side stones, with some being more popular and attractive than others. Numerous benefits are provided with side stones, and many people do not know that they can opt for a ring that features these stones without a significant increase in the price since side stones are usually much smaller than the center stone fitted in an engagement ring.

​​The half moon cut is a perfect example of side stones that can be used to draw the attention toward the center stone, while also adding more style factors to the entire engagement ring. Half moon cuts feature half of the profile of either an oval cut diamond or a brilliant round cut diamond. They feature a curve on the one side and a straight line on the other side. This is why they are called the half moon cut, representing a half moon.

​In the majority of engagement rings where half moon cuts are used, they are usually ​paired with a diamond cut​ that features a rectangular shape. The emerald cut, princess cut, and the radiant cut all go really well with the half moon cut. One of these cuts is used as the center stone, whereas two half-moon cuts are placed on both sides of the center stone. Some designers also tend to use half moon cut diamonds together with oval-shaped diamonds as they also make a great pair, due to the curved side featured by the half moon cut.

The benefit of opting for the half moon cut as side stones is the fact that there is no need to overcomplicate the qualities of the stones. Since they will be significantly smaller than the center stone, you can easily get away with opting for a lower clarity rating and a lower color grade. This makes it relatively affordable to add half moon cut diamonds as side stones to your engagement ring. If you do prefer a larger size, then you may want to consider increasing these qualities a little to avoid the side stones is a mismatch to the center stone.


​Half moon cut diamonds have become a popular option for selecting side stones to be paired up with certain center stones. These diamonds go perfectly with a selection of rounded and square-shaped diamonds. Additionally, half moon cut diamonds can be added to an engagement ring without causing a significant increase in its price, while adding additional beauty to the ring. Consider the tips we shared here if you decide to opt for a ring with half moon cut diamond side stones.