Let’s Appreciate the Beauty of the Pear Cut Diamond

pear shape diamond

​Diamond shapes derived from the traditional round cut is popular in the modern world. The traditional brilliant round cut still remains the number one shape in the entire world, but people are starting to look at alternative forms. When you present the love of your life with a diamond engagement ring, you do not want her to have just another engagement ring that can be observed on all of her friends. You want her to have something that she can really brag with. The pear cut is a brilliant cut diamond with a modified shape to resemble the appearance of a combination between the marquise cut diamond and the brilliant round cut diamond. This shape offers uniqueness along with added benefits that might make it the perfect choice if you are uncertain about which diamond shape you want to opt for.

​The Pear Cut Diamond Shape

pear cut earrings

​The pear cut is like combining the top part of a brilliant round cut diamond and the bottom part of the marquise diamond cut when looked at from the top. There are different variations of the pear cut available, with some featuring a slimmer or wider design than others. The various widths make the pear cut ideal for different types of jewelry options. For example, a slim cut often works very well paired with earrings, while a wider cut makes it a perfect stone to be fitted into an engagement ring.

​The first step to buying the perfect pear cut is to look for a diamond that has a symmetry rating of other very good or excellent. Opting for a lower symmetry rating can lead to a pear cut diamond that looks disproportionate. Ideally, the apex of the diamond’s rounded part should pair up perfectly with its point on the lower end. Additionally, the stone should not feature any type of straight edges, and all curves of the diamond should be symmetrical. This provides for a ​better-looking diamond​ overall.

​When it comes to looking at the length-to-width ration of a pear cut diamond, it is essential to take note that personal preference plays a part here. In most cases, it is recommended to opt for a pear cut diamond with a length-to-width ratio that falls between the range of 1.40 and 1.70. The particular use of the diamond will also impact which length-to-width ratio would be more ideal. A higher length-to-width ratio is often preferred when fitting a pear cut diamond in an earring, for example.

Other than these aspects, it is still important to consider the main qualities and properties of a pear cut shape. The carat weight of the pear cut diamond shape will have the most significant impact on its overall size and price. Apart from carat weight, you should take a look at its clarity rating, which will tell you if imperfections and inclusions will be visible to the naked eye. The color grade of the diamond should also be considered as the pear cut may show off color hues more easily than some other shapes that are available.


​The pear cut diamond provides the best of the round cut, along with a combination of the marquise cut’s features. This diamond cut has many benefits to offer you and can provide for a more unique looking engagement ring as compared to opting for either the brilliant round cut or the marquise cut diamond shapes. We offered an explanation of how you can choose the right pear cut diamond in this guide to help you get the most value for your money.