Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Engaged

It seems like celebrities are always keeping diamonds in the news! With so many celebrity couples that are dating, it’s as if every week brings news of a new engagement to celebrate!

In earlier editions, we’ve covered the engagements of Tim Tebow (here), Chris Pratt (here), and Jennifer Lawrence (here). Being that this site is all about diamonds, the focus of each of these updates is, of course, the size of the rock on that engagement ring!

This week brought us news of the power couple of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez finally getting engaged. Given all of the wealth between the two of them – you can imagine that she is rocking some pretty sweet bling on her finger! Check below for all the details.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring

As it always seems to be the source for these kinds of things, has all the details on the new jewelry that J-Lo is wearing. But first, a little background.

Jennifer Lopez has been an icon for decades. The singer started off as a “Fly Girl” on the sketch comedy show In Living Color back in the early 90s, and has built a solid singing and acting career since then, not to mention many other businesses in the fashion and beauty industry. Rodriguez is a former baseball player, and now commentator, who at one point had the richest contract in professional sports history. It’s safe to say that there is financial stability in this relationship!

Sources say that A-Rod popped the question to J-Lo while on a getaway to the Bahamas recently, which was confirmed by their representatives and shared with the world on their Instagram profiles. This big news comes shortly after the happy couple celebrated their two-year anniversary of dating in February.

As for the ring, Lopez shared an image of it on her Instagram and it is huge! She is quite a lucky girl!


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Of course, everything needs to be shared these days – you can’t get enough publicity – so there were photographers there to capture the special moment of Rodriguez down on one knee during sunset on the beach. Can you imagine a more special time and place? He looks so happy!


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How Big Is It?

As for details on the ring, the only look we have of it is in the Instagram photo provided above, but that leaves enough room for experts to speculate on it. Town and Country Mag says that it is estimated to be between 10 and 15 carats, and could be worth anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. Yeah, I know that it is quite a broad range, but suffice to say, it cost A-Rod a lot of money. Yeah, that’s a bit out of my range, and I think I’ll stick with getting my diamonds from James Allen.

For a funny look down memory lane – remember that Jennifer Lopez has now been engaged five times – the link to Town and Country Mag above compares all of her rings over the years. You can see photos and price estimates on her previous rings from Ojani Noa, Chris Judd, Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony – she is definitely no stranger to having a rock on her ring finger!

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