Chris Pratt Engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger

If you hadn’t read the news yet – and unless you read gossip mags, then you probably haven’t – last week greeted us with the news that movie star Chris Pratt got engaged to his girlfriend, Katherine Schwarzenegger (daughter of Arnold and Maria Shriver). It came as a surprise to many, as the two have only been dating since the summer. They were apparently introduced to each other by Shriver through their church.

Pratt was previously married to actress Anna Faris, with whom he has a 6-year-old son, Jack. While they have only been together for a short time, the engagement is not as much of a surprise to those who know them. They state that they neither of them date just for the sake of dating and that they knew quickly that they were meant to be together. They are serious and hopeful about their future together.

Chris Pratt Engagement Ring

Enough background on the couple. Since this site is about diamonds, I only bring up this news to spill the dirt on the engagement ring that Pratt gave to Schwarzenegger. Just like with my post about the Tim Tebow engagement, of course People magazine has the scoop on the rock that he put on her finger.

According to People, Pratt chose a romantic oval center stone for his bride-to-be. It is believed to be a 5-carat diamond, as told by Beverly Hills jeweler Jason Arasheben. It is complemented with a simple band, with more focus being on the rock itself. As for the price, it is speculated that a diamond of this size and shape would cost somewhere in the area of $550,000.

There aren’t a ton of great photos of the ring, but you can see it in the Instagram photo shared by Pratt above. That is one massive diamond! It’s safe to say he went to a high-end jeweler – you won’t find something in this price range diamond retailers I review here.

While this is a little bit less than Tebow spent on his, which is estimated to be north of $600,000, despite his higher earning power as a massive film star these days, it is understandable that Pratt spent a little less than the star athlete. Given that he is not far removed from a divorce, as well as having a child (neither of which apply to Tebow), it may be a wise move to not spend as much as high big-budget movie salary could afford.

But then again, who am I kidding – $550,000 is still a massive amount of money to anybody! It says in the article that Faris and Pratt just recently finalized their divorce and it seems to be amicable. Neither of them requested spousal support and they agreed to live within 5 miles each other until their son completes 6th grade. They’ve all (Pratt, Schwarzenegger, Faris and her boyfriend) out together on excursions with young Jack, so it sounds like it is already a happy family. Good for them!

While a ring valued at over $500,000 isn’t in most people’s budget, there are still great rings that can be had at affordable prices. For my top recommendation, take a look at this brand here:

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